Horizon Chase 2 Aquiris Epic Games Fortnite Acquisitions 1
Image: Push Square

Oh no! Horizon Chase Turbo is a true gem of an arcade racer, but its developer has been bought by Epic Games to feed the unstoppable Fortnite machine. The Brazilian-based Aquiris will now become Epic Games Brasil, and the Unreal Engine maker says it will “leverage [its] experience to contribute to the future of Fortnite”. This is similar to the language the juggernaut used when it purchased Rock Band maker Harmonix.

“We’ve seen first-hand the impressive talents of the Aquiris team in creating innovative games that draw global appeal,” said Epic Games’ Alain Tascan said in a statement. “With the creation of Epic Games Brasil, we look forward to tapping into the immense talent the region has to offer and establishing our presence in Latin America.”

Exactly what this means for Horizon Chase 2 is unclear. The title released as an Apple Arcade exclusive late last year, but was poised to be ported to consoles at a later date. Presumably it’ll still be given the opportunity to conclude that work, although part of us is no longer holding our breath.

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