Street Fighter TV Movie Legendary Rights 1
Image: Push Square

Street Fighter was one of the earlier examples of a video game transitioning to film, with the infamous 1994 adaptation starring Jean Claude Van-Damme and Kylie Minogue. A second movie, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, released in 2009 but was largely forgotten, with Kristin Kreuk – remember her?! – starring in the lead role.

Now it looks like a new round of adaptations await, as Legendary has scooped up the film and television rights to the iconic fighting franchise. This comes at a time when there are more video game conversions in development than ever before; production companies are banking on recognisable intellectual properties to bring in eyeballs, and the success of shows like The Witcher and The Last of Us has proven there’s money to be made with the right approach.

Of note, Legendary has a distribution deal with Sony, so there’s cross-pollination potential here considering PlayStation is the chief marketing partner on Street Fighter 6 and a huge supporter of esports, given its co-ownership of the EVO fighting game championships. Obviously, there’s a long way to go before anything tangible emerges, but expect more information over the coming years.