Granblue Fantasy Versus Rising Beta Delay

Bad news if you were looking forward to trying Granblue Fantasy Versus: Rising in May: the scheduled beta tests on PS5 and PS4 have been delayed to a later date. This is apparently all down to "stability issues" that the team has supposedly identified during its initial testing phase.

The official announcement reads: "The game is currently experiencing stability issues during online play. While we realize that some bumpiness is to be expected during beta testing, we would still like to put our best foot forward and ensure we deliver as enjoyable an experience as possible."

For those who might not know, Rising will implement rollback netcode for a much smoother online experience. Developer Arc System Works and publisher Cygames will want to make sure they get it right ahead of the game's yet-to-be-dated 2023 release.

It's also worth noting that fellow Arc System Works title Guilty Gear Strive is currently having major problems with its own online infrastructure. It's unknown if there's any link between those issues and what's happening with Granblue, but the timing definitely smells.

"We will announce a new date as soon as things have settled. To everyone who has been looking forward to the Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising experience, you have our sincerest apologies," the post continues.

Arc System Works and Cygames will now be holding a closed beta ahead of its previously planned open beta. Details on how to sign up will be shared once things are back on schedule.

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