In case you missed it, the latest game update for Gran Turismo 7 introduced a handful of new visual options that let you really crank up the frame rate on PS5. With the new patch installed, the driving game now supports 120 frames-per-second as well as VRR, letting you push performance beyond the traditional 60fps. But how are these new options? According to Digital Foundry, they're really good.

In the above video (and this article), DF's Oliver Mackenzie outlines the four new graphics options available in GT7. For those with compatible displays, the game can now output the following:

  • Resolution mode at 120Hz
  • Resolution mode at 120Hz + VRR
  • Frame-rate mode at 120Hz
  • Frame-rate mode at 120Hz + VRR

Ignoring VRR for a second, the 120Hz resolution mode and frame rate mode both offer near-locked 120fps during races, although there are performance dips during replays and possibly in menus. However, for the actual racing gameplay, it's pretty much bang on. Of course, both modes sacrifice a 4K resolution; the resolution mode goes down to 1440p, while the frame-rate mode hits 1260p.

If you turn on VRR in the PS5's settings, these modes behave somewhat differently. The frame-rate mode, combined with VRR, raises the resolution to 1440p with almost no noticeable sacrifice to the frame rate. Meanwhile, the resolution mode with VRR manages to output at 4K, but the frame rate stoops below the magic 120fps, fluctuating between 70 and 100 during gameplay, according to Digital Foundry.

So, if you have the right kit, it sounds like these new options are largely very good, and let you enjoy what is a gorgeous game with even smoother performance. Have you been using GT7's new performance options? Tell us in the comments section below.