Gotham Knights PS5

Gotham Knights has been treated to a new 15-floor raid named The Kelvin Incident, available now as part of a new PS5 update. This builds upon the previous Heroic Assault patch, meaning you'll need to have unlocked it and also finished all the Villain Crimes in the base game to access The Kelvin Incident. You'll be able to earn mythic gear in the raid and there will also be a new material in the free PS5 update.

In addition to new enemies, rewards include new suit and batcycle transmogs. Elsewhere, the patch brings about new accessibility settings like controller remapping and text-to-speech support. Have a read through the patch notes below, and let us know if you'll take The Kelvin Incident for a spin in the comments.

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Gotham Knights - The Kelvin Incident PS5 Patch Notes

New Content/Features

  • The Kelvin Incident is now available! This is a new 15 floor raid available in new game plus or after unlocking the raid area and defeating all the side villain missions.
    • Mythic gear.
      • This is a new tier of stronger gear which only drops in the raid.
      • New material will drop from raid as well.
    • A new suit transmog can be unlocked
    • 4 new batcycle transmogs can be unlocked
    • New stronger enemies


  • Controller Remapping
    • Controller remapping implemented
    • Gameplay Controls can be remapped
    • Buttons that need to be held down can be changed to a toggle
  • Text-to-Speech
    • The game supports your device's built-in screen reader for all text and certain menus
    • Improved screen reader support in areas where it existed previously
    • Text-to-Speech is available in English only