What do the silly sandbox game Goat Simulator 3 and tactical board game CATAN have in common? Some element of livestock, of course! And there's no better day for the two disparate licences to cross paths. Yes, Coffee Stain's bonkers bleat-'em-up and the console edition of the iconic multiplayer game are coming together for some light-hearted April Fools fun.

In Goat Simulator 3, a new update has added CATAN's sheep as a playable character, joining the goat and the pig to create the sort of farmyard rebellion George Orwell would be proud of. But while the sheep is tearing up the streets of San Angora, she's now missing from CATAN: Console Edition (as well as the browser-based Board Game Arena).

Fortunately, Pilgor (the Goat Simulator goat) has stepped in to fill the role. She's making a guest appearance in the aforementioned digital versions of CATAN. For the duration of April Fools Day, you'll be able to see Pilgor standing in for the sheep on her resource card.

It's the sort of harmless nonsense we appreciate, giving fans of both games something different to enjoy. Will you be checking out this unexpected crossover? Tell us in the comments section below.