We're coming up to the Easter weekend in a couple of days, and what better way to celebrate than with one of PS5's silliest games? Yes, Goat Simulator 3 has just received a major free update that throws in all sorts of Easter-themed treats. Check them out in the above trailer.

The headline addition is Operation Crackdown, a new mission involving a giant Easter egg appearing off the coast of San Angora. To break it open and discover its secrets, you'll need to scout around the open world to find 12 hidden eggs — each one containing an Eastery gift. The first of these is the RadEars, an item that'll help you track down the rest of the eggs.

There are 19 new items of goat gear to unlock, such as a saddle that lets you swallow things and turn them into eggs (Yoshi style), some TMNT-esque costumes, and an item that essentially turns you into Nyan Cat.

The update is available to download and install now. Will you be playing Goat Simulator 3's Easter update? Spring up in the comments section below.