Final Fantasy 16 Development PS5

Maybe it goes without saying, seeing as Sony itself has played an active part in developing Final Fantasy XVI, but the upcoming RPG would still be in the works if it wasn't for the PS5. As we all know, the game's a PS5 exclusive, and according to director Hiroshi Takai, the action-based adventures of Clive Rosfield simply wouldn't be what they are without Sony's current-gen console. At least, that's what the project lead said in a recent interview.

But this latest morsel on the title's development cycle comes via Play Magazine UK (as reported by OP Attack). Producer Naoki Yoshida says: "If we didn’t have the memory that the PlayStation 5 has and also the transfer speed, the SSD, that the PlayStation 5 has, we would still be development right now."

Of course, it's common knowledge that spreading a project over multiple platforms typically extends development time. But based on previous comments, it's clear that Yoshida and the team have been left impressed by the PS5's capabilities.

Final Fantasy XVI went gold just last week, meaning that the game's ready to be shipped well ahead of its scheduled release date on the 22nd June.