Final Fantasy 16 PS5 PlayStation 5 World Map 1
Image: Push Square

As has been pointed out multiple times – including in our previewFinal Fantasy 16 is not open world. The game instead consists of several large sandbox locations, each of which will be densely populated and can be fully explored. And speaking with Play Magazine, producer Naoki Yoshida has elaborated in a little more detail how it’ll all work.

“We have what’s called a world map,” he told the UK publication, as spotted by ResetEra. “And on that world map there are areas you can travel to, and you select that area, and then you jump to that area seamlessly. And then you follow the main quest there, and then once you finish that, you’ll go back to this hub area named The Hideaway.”

The Hideaway will serve as your base of operations, where you’ll be able to upgrade weapons and partake in other activities. But should you ever get the itch to return to a previous location, you’ll be able to at any time. “You can go back to places you’ve visited before and explore those places,” Yoshida added. “And in some of those places, there’ll be new side-quests you can start.”

We reckon it’d be cool if Square Enix had opted for a truly traditional world map system, where you’re moving sprites across the landscape in order to reach new destinations – but we suppose that’s what the Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters exist for. Nevertheless, we like the sound of this more traditional PS2 era system – not everything needs to be open world, after all!

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