Final Fantasy 16 Info

We're just over two months away from the launch of Final Fantasy XVI, and Square Enix seems hellbent on drowning us in information. At the end of tonight's State of Play broadcast, producer Naoki Yoshida confirmed that the 25-minute presentation was far from the last you'll see of the action RPG before its June release.

"There's still plenty that we have left to reveal," says Yoshida. "Battle content, side content, endgame content, and more" will apparently be shown in near future.

It's honestly been quite some time since we saw a publisher go this hard on info drops in such a short period of time. Ahead of this State of Play, we were starting to worry that we've actually seen too much of Final Fantasy XVI, and now, over the next two months or so, we're going to be shown even more.

Do you feel like you've seen enough? Are you hyped to see more? Don't you dare drop Clive's combo in the comments section below.