Daigo Umehara is one of the most famous fighting game players in the world, and he’s specifically known for his unexpected comeback in a Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike semi-final match at the EVO 2004 championships, which is one of the most iconic moments in gaming history. Despite all this, he can’t beat the highest difficulty of Street Fighter 6.

A video online shows him banging his head against the CPU, and barely laying a glove on it. Clearly there’s some input reading occurring here, where the game effectively “cheats” by detecting your attacks and following them up with an optimal counter. It does make the difficulty level pretty pointless if even world champions can’t beat it, but we imagine Capcom still has some tuning to do.

Nevertheless, we did find this video amusing. “This guy’s really good,” Umehara exclaims of the CPU, before later accusing it: “He’s cheating! He’s scaring me!” For mere mortals like the rest of us, maybe consider dialling that difficulty down: you’re already dead at this level, it seems!

[source youtube.com, via resetera.com]