Sony bought Destiny 2 developer Bungie to help inform its fledgling live service strategy, but the reality is that the sci-fi shooter has been frustrating fans for years. Despite a pretty big launch for recent expansion Lightfall, the studio admitted it “missed the mark” earlier this month as players were not satisfied with the quality of the add-on. If you feel like you’re getting déjà vu, that’s because this is a fairly familiar story for the title.

And for some franchise faithfuls, enough is enough. Many believe that the developer’s decision to keep iterating on a game that’s now over five years old is a mistake, and they’re eager for the team to wipe the slate clean and start over. That’s resulted in a tweet by podcast The Destiny Show to start trending: “Unpopular opinion,” it said. “Destiny 3 needs to happen.”

The responses are filled with fans agreeing, suggesting this isn’t such an unpopular opinion after all. “The cracks are starting to become more and more noticeable every day,” one user wrote. “There needs to be something new, it’s such a mess,” admitted another. However, some members did express concern about all of their hard work grinding for guns over the past few years being for nought, so admittedly not everyone feels the same way.

We know Bungie is working on a new project, but this is likely to be something new and unrelated to the Destiny franchise. However, despite being purchased by PlayStation, whatever it releases next will remain multiformat, as that’s part of the acquisition terms. We must admit, it’s amusing to us that Sony bought a developer to help shape its entire live service strategy, but that studio is constantly underfire from its fans.