Imagine telling the studio at the time Yager Entertainment that the project it's working on will not receive a launch trailer for another nine years. And it wouldn't even be the developer to actually put it out. Originally revealed all the way back at E3 2014, it's finally time for Dead Island 2 to actually release on PS5, PS4. It's out at the end of this week on 21st April 2023, and today's launch trailer will surely get you in the mood for its zombie-slaying action. Check it out above.

Gameplay features heavily in the trailer, showcasing both melee combat and the sort of guns you can find and then put to good use throughout the undead world. Playing as one of many different survivors, you'll be able to customise many weapons ala Dead Rising 2, then head out into the zombie playground to complete quests and missions. We will likely have a PS5 review ready for you tomorrow.

If you're after our first impressions, though, we played the game's first five or so hours during a short preview phase last month. "You may not come for the story or the looting, but Dead Island 2 clicks with a quirky set of weapons and a huge zombie horde to be beaten down," we explained. "Combine the two and you've got hours of entertainment scheduled in for April." Are you excited for this one? Let us know in the comments below.