Capcom Stock

Capcom's growth over the last console generation or so has been frankly outstanding. The company has gone from strength to strength for close to a decade now, making everyone forget just how hard the PS3 era was for the Japanese gaming industry in general. Capcom's come so far, in fact, that its stock actually hit a new all-time high earlier today, worth a reported 4,865 yen.

Obviously, this news arrives off the back of the excellent Resident Evil 4 remake, but it still feels like Monster Hunter World was key to all of this momentum. The 2018 action RPG defied expectations; an absolute blockbuster that ended up becoming the best-selling game Capcom has ever released. The publisher also revived Resident Evil in a massive way, with Resident Evil 7 kickstarting a new era for the horror-based series back in 2017. Extremely well received remakes and another sequel have kept the franchise in the spotlight ever since.

And then you've got the likes of Monster Hunter Rise only adding to Capcom's impressive run. With Street Fighter 6 set for June, and huge projects like Dragon's Dogma 2 and the inevitable Monster Hunter World 2 in development, you can't help but feel as though the company is almost unstoppable on its current trajectory. No wonder its stock is soaring!

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