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Activision is in the crosshairs again, with Call of Duty and Warzone 2 players accusing the monolithic publisher of introducing a "pay-to-win" bundle into the game's real-money marketplace.

Added alongside yesterday's Season 3 update, a new progression system was added to DMZ, which is described in the patch notes thusly:

  • Individual Operators now go on “Active Duty” when used by the Player. Only one Active Duty slot can be equipped at a time, but all Players will start with 3 slots.
    • Active Duty Operators have their own persistent items: Exfil Streak, Dog Tag Rarity, Backpack Type, Killstreak, Gas Mask and Self Revive.
    • When failing to exfil, only that individual Operator will have its gear, streak, and Dog Tag rarity reset. All other Operators will not be affected.
Active Duty Operator

But, if you're willing to pony up the cash, you can gain access to more Active Duty Operator Slots, in addition to some great Perks to get a leg-up on the competition. As expected, fans in the game's subreddit were less than thrilled with this development. There were moments of levity, as well.

It remains to see how the powers that be react; the update did only drop yesterday, after all. In similar threads, players listed other grievances.

Is all truly fair in both love and war? Do these Active Duty Operator Slots deserve to be called pay-to-win? Compete on the most level playing field of all, the comments section below.

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