Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores PS5 PS4

If you're looking to re-earn the magical 100% completion mark on your PS5 profile for Horizon Forbidden West, then you won't face too tough a task when tackling tomorrow's DLC Burning Shores. The expansion's Trophy list is now live, and it reveals another 18 gongs have been added. There are some story spoilers tied to certain Trophies, but if you wish to view the complete list, then PowerPyx has you covered.

Outside of the four story related Trophies, you'll need to tick off every main and side mission in your quest log, reach level 60, then customise your outfit and get to scanning new machines. There are new collectibles to find — you'll need all of them for Trophy unlocks — and a Grapple Strike ability to perform on enemies. Largely similar to the base game's Trophy list, you basically need to finish all the content Burning Shores has to offer and engage with its new features and systems, all the while mopping up collectibles. Easy stuff, mostly.

Will you be getting back your 100% completion mark for Horizon Forbidden West? Plan your Trophy hunting efforts in the comments below.

[source powerpyx.com]