We already knew that The Game Kitchen was cooking up a sequel to its great side-scrolling action game Blasphemous, and it's now finally been unveiled. Releasing on PS5 in late summer 2023, Blasphemous 2 looks like another solid, and unsettling, 2D adventure.

The sequel picks up after the events of the Wounds of Eventide DLC for the first game. The Penitent One has awoken in a new land and sets off to put an end to the cycle, aiming to stop the prophesied birth of a new miracle child.

It's set to feature new weapons, executions, and expanded combo potential, as well as a glut of horrid new bosses to conquer. You'll be able to customise and improve your skill set to complement your choice of weapon, too. Featuring an open-ended world, the game will also feature lots of secrets and mysteries, NPCs to meet, and of course, lots of baddies to thwart along the way.

We really liked the first game, so we're excited to see how the sequel builds on it. Are you excited for Blasphemous 2 on PS5? Tell us in the comments section below.