Shuhei Yoshida / Shuhei Yoshida Bobblehead PS Stars
Image: Push Square

It seems as though Sony's PS Stars loyalty programme, which grants points for purchases and digital goodies for completing goals, has very much been off the radar for most. It's worth joining — you might as well get the points and work towards some store credit — but it does feel like it's been a shrug of the shoulders for most. That's fair enough, but if you've not checked the app for a while, you should take a look at one of the latest digital rewards.

With what is probably the best collectible so far, completing a new PS Stars campaign will grant you a bobblehead figure of none other than Shuhei Yoshida, one of PlayStation's best-loved execs:

In order to unlock this digital trinket for yourself, you simply need to play one of Shu's recommended games from the following list:

Upon booting up one of these titles, you'll have earned yourself a mini Shuhei for your shelf. It's easily among the best of the digital collectibles to date, though we do like the Sony and PlayStation hardware miniatures too. Oh, and if you don't have access to one of the above games right now, don't worry — you have until 30th June 2023 before this campaign expires.

In addition to being immortalised on PS Stars, the indie game enthusiast recently received BAFTA's prestigious Fellowship award for his contributions to the industry. What a legend!