How many games cast you as a radio DJ with a call-in show? We'd wager not too many, but Killer Frequency goes one better and makes you a pseudo-detective for good measure. This unusual new game from Team 17 is coming to PS5 and PS4 on 1st June 2023, and it has us intrigued.

Playing as Forrest Nash, a radio DJ in 1980s America, you present a late-night show called The Scream. It also just so happens a serial killer is on the loose in the area. During the radio show, it falls to you to take calls from listeners, gather clues about the murderer, and try to prevent your audience from being killed off.

Speaking to a caller will give you various conversation options, which may lead to useful clues and information about the killer. When you're off the phone, you can explore the studio to piece things together and solve puzzles as you crack the case. On top of all that, the show must go on — you'll also need to select and play music tracks, all of which are inspired by the era.

It sounds like a really interesting blend of different influences. We're certainly curious to play this when it arrives in the summer, but what do you think? Are you interested in Killer Frequency? Send in your thoughts in the comments section below.