Vanillaware’s painterly PS2 realtime strategy remake GrimGrimoire OnceMore now has a demo on the PS Store – and save data will transfer to the full game, should you decide to follow through and purchase it. The title’s not due out until 4th April in North America and 7th April in Europe, so you’ve actually got quite a bit of time to sink your teeth into this and find out if it’s for you.

“GrimGrimoire OnceMore brings the classic strategy adventure from Vanillaware into the present,” the blurb reads. “Join trainee magician Lillet Blan as she begins her journey at Silver Star Tower and harnesses her latent magical abilities to dispel the tower’s secrets and save her friends from the dangers lurking within.”

We had a brief go on this earlier in the week, having never played the original, and it’s certainly a unique experience if you’re more familiar with modern Vanillaware titles. One interesting thing to note is that, while this is a remaster, the original artwork was drawn in such high quality that it’s actually utilising the assets created for the PS2 version – just obviously presented in 4K here.