Yakuza Like a Dragon Livestream SEGA 1

For as good as the Like a Dragon (formerly known as Yakuza, of course) games undoubtedly are, they all have two fairly consistent qualities: they’re long and they’re largely the same. Spare a thought for developer Ryu ga Gotoku Studio, then, who, not content with simply making the games, decided to stream the entire series back-to-back.

It started the challenge on 17th March, and completed it a little over a week later, clocking a total of 170 hours. To be clear, it didn’t play every game in the series, just the main ones, starting with Yakuza 0 and working through to the conclusion of Yakuza 6. Still, that’s a lot of Kamurocho – and a lot of battles to reach the roof of Millennium Tower.

With the livestream running for so long, there were a few memorable moments: Takaya Kuroda, the voice of Kazuma Kiryu, rocked up at one point – as did Goro Majima star, Hidenari Ugaki. Next week, it’ll be back to business for the Ryu ga Gotoku team – after all, Like a Dragon 8’s not going to make itself, is it?

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