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Image: Push Square

Sony has not long made a pretty major system software update for PS5, adding support for Discord voice calls among many other improvements. Since then, it's released a smaller update (with everyone's favourite patch note), and now, the platform holder has just pushed out another one. What's this one all about, then?

The 834MB patch (version 23.01-07.01.01 if you're interested) doesn't show any patch notes on the system itself, but via the PlayStation website, we've found out what this update covers. As it turns out, it's a minor bug fix for an issue affecting the game library:

"An issue in Game Library where content was displayed incorrectly under certain conditions was resolved."

And that's it! Not even the usual "improves system software performance". A teeny tiny update, then, but still worth downloading and installing to be on the safe side. It's available right now.

Have you had any trouble with the game library on PS5? Update your console in the comments section below.