A couple of weeks back, we got a glimpse of Infernax's upcoming Deux or Die update, which adds a two-player cooperative mode to the game. We get to see more of the trials and tribulations that await in a new and extended gameplay trailer.

It's pretty clear that Deux or Die is going to take a serious cooperative commitment from someone you trust in order to get through, who can be there for both the good times and the bad. Failing a critical jump at an inopportune time or falling for that same boss's tricks time and again is likely to test the strength of the strongest friendships.

The Deux or Die update is set to go live on PS4 on 5th April, and owners of Infernax will able to engage in local or online multiplayer. Do you have a special ride-or-die co-op partner you can call in a pinch? Play favourites in the comments section below.

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