Wow, we honestly we're expecting another Tekken 8 character trailer so soon. All of the previous trailers were based on characters that were already shown in some capacity when the game was announced and then revealed, so you'll have to excuse our surprise!

Ling Xiaoyu is the latest returning fighter to be confirmed. We could have guessed that she'd be back, but we're loving her new look. The tricky martial artist seems to have retained a lot of her trademark moves (including Art of Phoenix!), so you'll have to check those mids.

With all of these character trailers appearing one after another, fans are starting to wonder just how far away Tekken 8 really is. There's no question that the game looks incredibly polished, but actually playing it could be a different story entirely. In any case, there's going to be a playable test build at Evo Japan this weekend, so some additional news could be in store.

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