Out of seemingly nowhere, Streets of Rage 4 has received a major update for both the base game and its DLC, Mr. X Nightmare. Publisher Dotemu says the free patch adds more than 300 improvements and new features.

Chief among the additions is co-op moves. These are special new attacks that can be pulled off when you're playing with a pal — you can see a few examples in the above trailer. The video also shows off improvements to Survival mode; you'll now be able to customise it, choosing what perks appear, your starting difficulty, and various other toggles.

The 300+ improvements thing refers to an exhaustive list of balancing tweaks. The game has been fine-tuned to adjust the balance of characters and their combos. You can read up on all of that through here.

It sounds like a very meaty update, and it's available now. Are you still playing Streets of Rage 4? Eat chicken off the floor in the comments section below.

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