Multiplayer spy-'em-up game Deceive Inc. has launched today on PS5, and to celebrate, publisher Tripwire Presents has a neat trailer for us.

The game, which features full support for crossplay and cross-platform parties, sees teams of spies competing to find and then escape with a package. The main hook here is trying to do so while staying undercover, but of course, all your opponents are trying to do the same.

There are several agents to play as, all with their own customisable skills and weapons. You can lay down traps, disguise yourself as an NPC, and even pretend you're an inanimate object to gain the upper hand. Of course, there are also lots of zany gadgets to make use of too, such as decoys and bulletproof umbrellas.

It sounds like a novel idea at the very least, and looks like it could be good fun with a group of pals. Deceive Inc. is £15.99 / $19.99, so not exactly breaking the bank either. Will you be checking this one out? Rendezvous in the comments section below.