Sony PS5 OLED Bravia XR A80K TV Deals 1
Image: Push Square

You may have missed Sony’s OLED Bravia XR A80K line, because let’s be honest, television naming conventions are confusing and there are far too many similar models. This panel is noteworthy, however, because it bundles in a slew of PS5 exclusive gaming features, including Auto HDR Tone Mapping (which claims to improve picture quality) and Auto Genre Switching (which aims to ensure you’re always in the right mode for whatever you’re doing with your console). That’s some classic Sony synergy at play, eh?

Anyway, if you’re in the market for a new panel, the 55” version of this screen is currently 35 per cent off on Amazon, saving you an eye-opening $700. That brings the overall price down from $1,999 to $1,298. You can also get savings on the 65” and 77” options, but they’re unfortunately not quite as big. Still, we’ve linked them all up below:

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In terms of reviews, this screen does come pretty highly rated. As respected hardware site Tom’s Guide notes, while the panel isn’t perfect, it packs some pretty great picture quality and some very robust audio. The caveat, ironically, is that its input lag is a little on the high side, meaning it’s not exactly ideal for those twitchy, quick reaction competitive games.

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