It’s been a long time coming, but acclaimed soccer RPG Inazuma Eleven will make its PS4 debut worldwide later this year. The release, one of many promising titles from veteran developer Level-5, promises a return to the series’ roots – and will see all the cast and characters from the franchise’s long history make a comeback.

There are two primary modes: Story and Chronicle. The former will focus on Unmei Sasanami, a young blue-haired boy who’s lost his passion for soccer. After meeting new friends at Nagumohara Junior High – and a rival in Haru Endo – he embarks on a quest to resurrect a neglected squad and take them on the path to glory.

The campaign will be flanked by the aforementioned Chronicle mode, which will see you face off against over 4,500 characters from the franchise’s past. In the new Inazuma V Caravan, you’ll be able to travel through time and observe all of the series’ history, battling past teams, and recruiting your favourite players to your team.

The gameplay promises a more free flow, which aims to be more in line with real soccer – although the tactical RPG aspect is still there. The actual action is looking like the weakest part in the trailer, but we’re enjoying all of the new animations, which have been produced by a company called MAPPA. All in all, this looks like a huge package, and it’s kicking off worldwide later this year.