Superman PS5 Exclusive PlayStation 5 Microsoft Lawyers
Image: Push Square

The ongoing multi-billion dollar Activision Blizzard buyout drama has had its fair share of embarrassing moments from all parties, but this one borders on parody. Lawyers on Microsoft’s side, likely on seven digit salaries themselves, proposed in a recent document published by the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority that Sony is making a Superman game exclusively for the PS5. Of course it’s not, and this is just a typo.

It’s more likely the legal team meant to refer to Marvel’s Spider-Man, which is developed by PlayStation’s first-party studio, Insomniac Games. The error emerged as part of a counter argument from Microsoft, in which it claimed “there has never been evidence […] one single franchise can drive console sales”. It’s making the point in relation to Call of Duty, which has been a key point of contention for regulators, as there are worries if Xbox were to make the series exclusive, it would significantly harm PlayStation’s ability to compete.

Regulators in the UK and Europe will make a final decision on the deal in a little over a month’s time. Microsoft has been using that time wisely, signing contracts with all kinds of “competitors” to commit Call of Duty to their platforms for the next ten years. Of course, the one organisation that’s refused to sign thus far, Sony, remains very much at the centre of the storm.

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