First released on Nintendo Switch and now officially coming to PS5 and PS4, the awesome Atari microgame compilation Atari Mania will set a high score on Sony’s systems from 4th April. Inspired by the likes of WarioWare and NES Remix, the title features over 150 madcap challenges inspired by legendary Atari titles.

In the game, you fulfil the role of the Atari Vault caretaker, responsible for protecting retro classics from fading into obscurity. “One night, the vault is infiltrated by evil dead pixels who wish to see the end of retro gaming as we know it,” the press release teases. “It’s up to you to battle it out with the evil which has infected the familiar faces and games of the golden age of video games!”

The game’s packed with Easter eggs and collectibles, all inspired by classic Atari content. It’s also been significantly upgraded since its original release: “In response to user feedback, the development team at Illogika has improved the controls to make them feel smoother, more responsive, and more accurate. Additionally, this new version includes revamped microgames and performance improvements.”

The title will retail for $24.99 on the PS Store, which is a small price to pay to fight Centipedes with a Pong paddle. Did you try this one on the Nintendo Switch already? Are you looking forward to the PS5 and PS4 port? Defend your gaming heritage in the comments section below.