If you've been dreaming of a proper RoboCop game for the last three decades, then you might finally be in luck. RoboCop: Rogue City has a new trailer courtesy of publisher Nacon, and it's almost all gameplay. It shows cyborg officer Alex Murphy take down a gang that's hiding out below an old arcade, complete with a bit of investigation and a lot of bullets. We're also loving the in-vision text and grid overlays, just like in the movies.

We'll obviously need to see more before we're fully convinced, but Rogue City's certainly got potential. The game's now scheduled for a September 2023 release on PS5, having originally targeted a June launch. Probably a good thing, seeing as June is already a ridiculous month for new PlayStation titles (Street Fighter 6! Diablo 4! Final Fantasy XVI!).

What do you make of RoboCop: Rogue City so far? Watch bullets simply ping off your metallic body in the comments section below.