The Witcher 3 Pigeon
Image: Push Square

Who's your favourite character in The Witcher 3? Is it Geralt? Ciri? Yennefer? Maybe Dandelion? Perhaps you've got a soft spot for Dijkstra, or Gaunter O'Dimm? There are so many to choose from, but one lesser known cast member is currently taking the game's community by storm. We are, of course, talking about the humble Novigrad pigeon.

This pigeon was first identified back when the original game released in 2015, but it's taken almost eight whole years for the creature to become a full-on meme. From what we can tell, it all started (again) with a post on Reddit by ben0074, which features a screenshot of the now beloved bird. "The graphics in the next-gen update are truly a sight to behold!" it reads.

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It goes without saying that the pigeon barely looks like a pigeon, hence its popularity. Its features are just textures slapped over a very crude shape that kind of looks like a bird's body, complete with wings that are basically two dimensional.

The Witcher 3 Pigeon
Image: ben0074

It's a sorry looking beast, but it's an environmental asset that was never really meant to be observed in detail. You're just supposed to see these things off in the distance to give the impression of pigeons flitting about the city. But with the arrival of a dedicated photo mode in the game's next-gen update, the graphically challenged pigeon is now the centre of attention.

This pigeon's really blown up on r/witcher — Reddit's most popular Witcher community — and at the time of writing this article, the front page is plastered with pigeon-related content, including a painting of the pigeon, and a pigeon Gwent card. You may have also seen the feathered celebrity being passed around Twitter and other social media platforms over the last couple of days.

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