What the Bat PSVR2

We had quite a bit of fun with What the Bat, a silly PSVR2 launch title that's well worth a go. The biggest criticism we had of the game is that it would only let you play in Roomscale mode. Roomscale — which allows you to walk around in a defined space — requires at least two square metres of room, but the kicker is that What the Bat barely requires you to move from one spot. Now, though, the need for Roomscale has been eliminated.

Following the latest patch for the game, it is now playable in Standing mode. To be clear, you can now play What the Bat simply stood in one spot, a minimum of one square metre (plus room to wave your arms around).

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It was an odd restriction at first; again, you needn't move at all in most of the game's levels, so forcing players to create a Roomscale space — in some cases having to fake it — was kind of annoying. Thankfully, this has now been sorted. If you're looking to play this PSVR2 title but don't have the space for Roomscale mode, you needn't worry anymore. Hooray!