Following in the webbed footsteps of anarchy simulator Untitled Goose Game, Pizza Possum is an arcade action game in which you, a possum, try to eat as much trash as you can without being caught. It's coming to PS5 at some point in the future.

We couldn't help noting that the titular possum does not, in fact, appear to be the cuddly nighttime visitor native to Australia kind of possum. Instead, it appropriately appears to be the nightmarish North American Opossum variant that will invade trash cans and cause general havoc. We prefer the former (who wouldn't) but appreciate the latter was the better choice, thematically speaking, and were more than happy to clarify the difference.

What do you think of Pizza Possum? Does it have the mainstream appeal required to scurry along the back fenceline to success, setting off the darn dog in the process? Go berserk in the comments section below.