Veteran fighter Paul Phoenix was one of the first confirmed characters for Tekken 8, and now you can gawk at his brutal blows in the game's latest character trailer. We must admit, we're loving the improved facial animations in this sequel so far, and Paul's classic techniques β€” including the dreaded death fist β€” somehow look more punishing than ever before.

This fresh trailer also gives us a glimpse of a new stage, which seems to be set in some kind of military base. Tekken 8's a looker, no question.

But there's one thing we're not sold on yet, and that's Paul's hairdo. Older Tekken fans will know that Paul previous let his hair down in Tekken 4, but at least back then, it was still a rugged cut. In Tekken 8, it just looks too...neat and tidy. It's like he's wearing someone else's hair.

It's worth mentioning that you'll apparently still be able to equip Paul with his classic skyscraper style through the game's customisation options β€” but man, we wish it was the default.

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