Bandai Namco has released a new trailer for its upcoming amusement park management game, Park Beyond. The video provides a simple overview of what you'll be doing, and while it looks mostly similar to other games of the genre, the hook here is "impossifying" rides to take them to the next level.

There will be two main modes of play. The first is a story mode in which you help a struggling theme park company rise to glory with fantastical attractions, and the second is a sandbox mode, letting you build whatever crazy park you want. Impossifying your rides basically means adding ridiculous mechanisms, such as launchers that send a train of rollercoaster carts from one rail to another, or ferris wheels that look more like the inside of a clock. There's some pretty imaginative stuff on display.

Park Beyond also now has a release date — it comes to PS5 on 16th June 2023, and pre-orders are live now. If you do pre-order, you'll gain access to a Pac-Man themed DLC pack, including rides, shops, entertainers, and lots of decorations based on Bandai Namco's arcade classic. Finally, if you pre-order one of the deluxe editions of the game, you'll also get the Zombeyond pack, which gives you a whole host of zombie-themed goodies.

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