It seems to have flown completely under the radar, but Hot Wheels: Rift Rally has released today on PS5 and PS4. From Velan Studios, the makers of Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit (and, less pertinently, Knockout City), it's a mixed reality arcade racer that turns your home into a customisable track.

In the box, you get the Chameleon RC car — so-called because you can customise how it'll look in-game — and a set of gates, which you place on your floor to map out your race course. Through the camera atop the remote-controlled car, you'll drive through your own rooms and hallways on your TV screen. It's a novel idea, providing you have enough space to make it work.

As mentioned, the car can be customised to take on the look of various different Hot Wheels favourites, and you can then drive through a full campaign, engage in local multiplayer, and other modes like freestyle stunts.

It appears the game is currently only available in the US, where it retails for $129.99 (standard) and $149.99 (collector's edition). It's unclear if there's a wider release planned at this stage.

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