Targeting an exclusive (and early access) PS5 and PS4 release this May, Wayfinder is an online action RPG that you may remember from Sony's most recent State of Play broadcast. The fact that it's being developed by RPG specialists Airship Syndicate has been enough to hold our attention, and it does look like it could be good if this new gameplay trailer is anything to go by.

The official description reads: "Explore ever-changing dungeons and Lost Zones to discover loot for upgraded gear and customizations. Tailor your playstyle, weapons and gear the way you want to forge your own path and unlock the full power of your Wayfinder!"

Said video shows off character classes, gameplay structure, and more. There's definitely potential here, but we'll obviously have to wait and see how it all adds up in the coming months.

What do you make of Wayfinder? Start racking up some damage numbers in the comments section below.