Persona Exciting News

No. No. Don't even think about it. Don't you dare get hyped for Persona news. You've been here before. We've all been here before — and we all know how it ends.

That's right, Atlus is once again teasing "exciting news" regarding its role-playing series. This time, it's telling fans to stay tuned for an upcoming livestream, which is happening on the 9th April. Said livestream will feature information on the retail release of the Persona Super Live P-Sound concert, which took place back in October of last year. The whole show's going to be sold on Blu-ray and CD.

"There might be some exciting news," writes the publisher, no doubt with a horribly evil smirk on its face. We have absolutely zero doubt that this will end up being some sort of merchandising push, rather than an actual announcement in relation to the games.

But look, if you want to go and post eye emojis on Twitter, go right ahead. We did warn you, though.

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