Wo Long Fallen Dynasty PS5 PS4

A new Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty update is now available on PS5, PS4, bringing the Team Ninja title up to version number 1.05. The big change players will notice — if they're still in the early game at least — is that the first boss has been made easier to fight. Named Zhang Liang, he's made a name for himself as one of the title's hardest bosses. That is despite him being one of the first you even face.

With today's 1.05 patch downloaded on PS5 and PS4, Zhang Liang will have less health in his first form, and each type of damage has been adjusted. The AI has also been changed and camera movement during airborne attacks has been tweaked. Furthermore, a specific tutorial tied to the boss encounter has been added.

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Elsewhere, this update adds new features to the game's options menu. You can tweak how the enemy lock-on setting is handled, adjust camera control, compare equipment via new menus, and there's now a warning when your equip load is above 100 per cent. In addition, changes have been made to item drop rates in specific areas and a long list of bug fixes is included in the patch.

We were incredibly high on Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty when it launched last month, awarding it an impressive 9/10 in our PS5 review. "It's fast, frenetic, and hits like a truck, with one of the most mesmeric combat systems we've ever had the pleasure to master. It might scare off more casual players, but those looking for a challenge, well — you can stop looking." You can check out the full list of Wo Long: Fallen Dyntasy Update 1.05 Patch Notes through the link.

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