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Update #2: An entire week after MLB The Show 23's Early Access release, the game's Companion App is now available on iPhone, meaning you can finally use one of the release's main new features, Face Scan. You can download it through here.

Update #1: MLB The Show 23 is out now on PS5 and PS4, and there's still no sign of its promoted Face Scan feature being available on iPhone, as the release's Companion App is yet to be updated. Fortunately, San Diego Studio promises the feature is on its way, and that it's also investigating issues with the Android version of the app as well.

The wait goes on..

Original Article: Of the few new additions to MLB The Show 23’s Road to the Show mode, fans were rather looking forward to using the Face Scan feature on their Ballplayer. As confirmed by San Diego Studio prior to release, the idea here is that you’ll be able to take a high quality selfie of yourself using the release’s Companion App, and upload it into the game.

Except if you own an iPhone you can’t, because the app hasn’t been updated yet. We’ve been checking daily since Early Access rolled out last Friday, but the app currently only includes support for MLB The Show 21 and MLB The Show 22, and there’s no sign of that changing in the immediate future. Fortunately, Android owners can rest easy, as the app was updated there over the weekend.

Obviously, we understand this may be out of the developer’s hands, as it’s probably waiting on Apple’s notoriously stringent certification process. But there’s been no communication from the studio as of yet, and it’s also having an impact on Diamond Dynasty’s Community Market, as understandably the app makes it easier to flip players for profits.

We’ll update our MLB The Show 23 guide with more information once the iPhone app is finally updated, but for now, you’re going to have to sit tight.