From the makers of Arise: A Simple Story comes After Us, announced at the end of last year. Published by Private Division, the game has just received a new overview trailer, which explains the premise and what you'll be doing throughout the adventure. Further to that, we now also have a release date; it's due out on PS5 on 23rd May 2023.

So, to recap: you play as Gaia, who awakens in a barren, ruined world, and aims to restore it. The game will take you through a bleak city setting, and you'll use Gaia's powers of nature and life to traverse the environment as well as revive its former glory. As seen in the trailer, you'll find ghostly creatures, pools of corruption, and other points of interest, which you can interact with to restore the environment's vitality.

It's not the first game to have you reviving a desolate landscape, but After Us looks like an enjoyable journey. We really liked Arise, so we're confident this will deliver when it releases in May. Are you excited for After Us? Touch grass in the comments section below.