Update: A Long Climb Ago is now available in Dreams, following a small patch. Once you have the update installed, you'll be able to play this new game, which is currently front and centre in DreamSurfing.

Original Story: For those of you waiting for Media Molecule to make its next game, know that the studio has taken to releasing smaller scale projects within Dreams itself. Labelled Mm Originals, the team has already brought us one or two new games since the creation suite's arrival, including Art's Dream, the day-one adventure title. As it so happens, Media Molecule's latest effort is out tomorrow, 29th March 2023.

It's called A Long Climb Ago, and you can see a thorough explanation and demo in the above livestream archive. Essentially, this is a combination of falling block puzzles and side-scrolling platformer, all set to a charming, storybook aesthetic. Playing as a noble medieval knight, your job is to reach the top of a large castle in order to stop a catastrophe.

In each level, you swap control between dropping blocks to build a pathway or clear an obstacle, and then back to your character to then traverse what you've constructed. It's a novel idea, and of course, it's presented with Media Molecule's usual wit and charm, with great visual flair tying it all together.

The last Mm Original in Dreams was Ancient Dangers: A Bat's Tale, a dungeon crawler playable in co-op. We also know about Tren, an impressive-looking simulator about a wooden train set. There's no word on when that's due, but it's safe to say this is how the developer is pursuing original projects for the time being.

Will you be checking out A Long Climb Ago in Dreams tomorrow? Clamber into the comments section below.

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