Marvel's Wolverine PS5 PlayStation 5 Steve Blum Voice Actor 1
Image: Push Square

Voice actor – and long-time Wolverine star – Steve Blum could be reprising his role for Insomniac Games’ upcoming PS5 game, Marvel’s Wolverine. At least, that’s what some fans believe! A video shared on the veteran’s Instagram page resurfaced on TikTok this week, where he talks about shooting performance capture for an upcoming release.

In the clip, Blum is clearly seen wearing full facial capture equipment, and he confirms that the project he’s working on is related to a video game he signed an NDA on. To be fair, the actor is no stranger to the medium: he most recently starred in Marvel’s Midnight Suns, and is also well-known for his work on Mortal Kombat character Sub-Zero. In fact, with Mortal Kombat 12 recently being revealed during an earnings call, it’s possible he may have been shooting for that.

There’s really not enough to go on here to assume Blum will reprise his role as Wolverine, although it would make a lot of sense: he’s played the character dozens upon dozens of times in various animated adaptations, and aside from Hugh Jackman, he’s probably the actor most closely associated with the character.

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