Marvel's Midnight Suns PS5 PS4

Curious about Marvel's Midnight Suns on PS5? If you've been eager to give the tactical superhero game a try, a free trial for all players has been running over the weekend. However, thanks to some unfortunate errors, it hasn't been working for everybody. The good news is that this blip has now been resolved, and to make up for lost time, the trial has been extended:

So, to be clear, the game is currently free to play for all PS5 owners from now until Thursday 30th March. That'll give you plenty of time to download it and take it for a spin.

From developer Firaxis, Marvel's Midnight Suns combines turn-based strategy with RPG elements to deliver a unique take on all your favourite superheroes and villains. When you're not duking it out in tactical battles, you're hanging back in the hub, building relationships with Marvel characters like Blade, Captain Marvel, and Wolverine. It's a unique, entertaining game that's worth checking out.

It's also worth noting that, if you're a PS Plus Premium member, you have access to a two-hour trial of the game. So, if you miss out on this extended trial period, you at least have that to fall back on.

Will you be checking out Marvel's Midnight Suns on PS5 with this trial? Tell us in the comments section below.