If you weren’t aware, the Game Developers Conference is underway, which means there’s been an upswing in announcements relating to technology and engines. Epic Games is one company in attendance, and it’s partnered with a number of studios to showcase the enormous potential of Unreal Engine 5. HEXWORKS is one such team, and it’s brought this new footage of the renamed Lords of the Fallen with it.

While the title is needlessly confusing, the game just looks incredible. We get a brief glimpse of the character creator, before the developer showcases the release’s outrageous attention to detail, from its fabric textures to its physics. It also demonstrates some pretty impressive lighting, as well as its interconnected worlds, which it’s designing in unison so you’re able to transition between them at will.

All in all, we’re impressed. While this demo is clearly designed to demonstrate the tech rather than the gameplay, we’d say the video’s definitely doing a good job of highlighting Unreal Engine 5’s seemingly skyhigh potential.

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