Burning Shores, the expansion for Horizon Forbidden West, is only a couple of weeks(ish) away now, and developer Guerrilla Games is finally peeling back the curtain on what we can expect.

In a new social post, the studio has shared the following video, showing brand new footage β€” and a brand new machine:

The Waterwing is a flying/swimming mount that looks to be loosely based on a pelican. More importantly, Aloy can use it as a mount, which means you can fly through those beautiful, PS5-only clouds as well as dive into the waters surrounding the ancient ruins of Los Angeles.

It's looking lovely β€” we really enjoy the vivid colours of Horizon's world β€” and we can't wait to dive in ourselves. What do you think of this new clip of Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores? Dip into the comments section below.

[source twitter.com]