In case you'd forgotten, SEGA and Creative Assembly are working on a stylish multiplayer shooter named Hyenas. In development for PS5 and PS4, it sees you playing in teams of three as you infiltrate ships full of loot and pull off heists, stealing stuff back away from those pesky corporations. The latest Hyena has been revealed, and he's a big fan of that snarky blue hedgehog.

Hero-Ki is a Sonic cosplayer and "minor celebrity" who joins the titular group of vigilantes with a unique ability. By default, he'll sport his blue onesie and hedgehog helmet, but a special camera allows him to copy an enemy's likeness to stealthily blend in. This allows him to evade danger from computer-controlled baddies, but also opposing teams. Not a bad ability, to be fair.

Last year, we went hands-on with the PC version of Hyenas, and came away feeling bemused but optimistic. There's no firm release date, with the game still in alpha testing, so we expect it's still a ways off.

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