We've been banging on about how much better PSVR2 is compared to its predecessor, but it's videos like the one above (from ElAnalistaDeBits) that really show the difference. With many years between iterations of Sony's virtual reality hardware, it was always going to be more impressive, but Gran Turismo amply shows off the huge improvements.

Now, it's not a totally fair comparison; we're looking at Gran Turismo Sport on PSVR vs. Gran Turismo 7 on PSVR2. Obviously, GT7 is already visually superior to Sport, so it has a leg up going in. However, leaving aside upgrades like improved lighting and better textures and models, you can clearly see the difference between PSVR and PSVR2 here.

The most noticeable upgrade is to the image clarity. GT Sport in PSVR looks very soft and blurry when compared to GT7 in PSVR2. That comes down (mostly) to the resolution, which is much higher in the new headset. There's also the benefit of foveated rendering, which uses eye-tracking to bring whatever you're actually looking at into sharper focus. This is why some of the PSVR2 footage can look slightly blurry in places; where the user's eyes are pointing is much clearer.

The other main point here is the lighting. PSVR2 natively supports HDR, and that makes a big difference to the quality of lighting. It looks much more natural.

Again, it's hard not to be impressed by graphical upgrades like the better textures, reflections, and foliage, but these can largely be attributed to the games themselves. What makes the comparison so impressive is that PSVR2 is able to present GT7's visuals with far better clarity than PSVR ever could.

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