In what is inarguably one of the more metal marketing moves we have seen in recent times, a French cathedral has had a Gothic mural of monstrous proportions installed in honour of... the upcoming Diablo 4 Open Beta.

The Cathedral of Diablo, as it has been dubbed, was brought to life by artist Adam Miller and his team inside the Chapelle de Jesuites in Cambrai, France (which enjoys a respectable rating of 4/5 on TripAdvisor).

If the mural wasn't sacrilegious enough for you, Blizzard has one more trick up its sleeve. Players that reach level 25 with any class in the Diablo 4 Open Beta can go into the draw to have their own face immortalised alongside the piece, so that future generations can know what a massive nerd of your glorious exploits.

You can see how the artistic feat was achieved and how to enter the Beta Sweepstakes below, and players that prepurchase the game will be able to take part from 17-19th March.

What do you think of the Cathedral of Diablo? What form will your monstrous visage take when you are inevitably chosen to live on forever in mural form? Deliver us from evil in the comments section below.